Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday Full of Savings!!

I had lots of places to go on Saturday. I try to get my shopping trips done on days when I don't have my son... so this day was packed!! Of course, detours always get taken... I woke up Saturday morning and stumbled across a HOT deal on Sketchers boys shoes. It was so hot, I didn't think it would work. They were telling me I could get these Sketcher shoes that regularly sell for $50 for $2.10!! 

They didn't have any sizes smaller than 6.5 in boys, but I decided to try to order them anyway, even though my son only wears size 2.5!!  LOL... I'm all about planning ahead!!  The site was super slow as I expected & I tried to submit my order 4-5 times.  I figured, I'll probably end up with 5 pairs or none!  It seemed to keep timing out during my order submission process, so I finally gave up.

Well, imagine my surprise when I came home later that afternoon and found this in my email inbox:

SWEET!!  It seemed to work and it looks like I didn't end up with multiple orders.  Haha!  I guess we'll see if they actually ship them or cancel my order in the next couple days.

I had scheduled a haircut at Lu Ross Academy at 12pm... but I knew it was 10:45am, and I didn't have time to squeeze in a shopping trip after, and I was meeting my mom for a Mother's Day lunch at 2pm... so I decided to chance it and just show up at 11am hoping they could get me in earlier... and they did!!  Lu Ross Academy is a beauty school, and the students cut your hair.. so it's CHEAP!!  Normally $8 for a wash, cut & blow dry, but of course, I even had a coupon off that price (from the back of the Vons on Borchard receipt), so my haircut cost $7 plus tip.  You could even get just a cut for $5 on Wed, Thurs or Fri evenings from 5pm-6:30pm with the coupon here from  Actually I think these are their normal prices, but they are just using a coupon to advertise it.  I've been there 3 times myself and took my son there also.

Since I finished up with my hair at 1pm... I had an hour to kill and was nearby Rite-Aid & Vons... so off to Rite-Aid I went...
Rite-Aid Trip - $70.65 value for $0.22+tax

(2) Lays chips on sale for $2.79 ea., I used (2) different $1 Rite-Aid Video Values (VV) coupons, and $2 off 2 Lays MQ from 5/1 = .79 ea.

(2) Biore Face Products that reduced down to $7.64 each with the 10% off coupon I got when I hit 250 Wellness Points, I used a B1G1F MQ = $7.64 for both, but I earned $5 +UP reward for buying 2 Biore products = $2.64 for 2

(1) Breathe Right Strips, on sale for $3.99, but I used the free Rite-Aid coupon from here (NLA), and that coupon actually took off $5.99, PLUS it also gave me $1 +UP reward for buying that product = $3 MM!!
(4) Tylenol Precise Pain Products on sale for $5 each, and I had (4) $5 IPQ's = all (4) free!!  (There is a $5 coupon in the 5/8 insert)

(6) Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bars, on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free, and I used (3) B1G1F MQ's from the 5/1 inserts and got all (6) free!!

I also used a $3 off $15 Rite-Aid coupon that I got for filling out a survey from the bottom of a prior receipt & $4 in +UP Rewards that I rolled over into this order... so my total was 22¢ plus tax and I ended up receiving $6 more in +UP Rewards.. so this was a Money maker trip in the end!!

I still had 20 minutes before I was to meet my mom, so I ran in to Vons next door to see what I could find that wasn't perishable... while I was shopping I ran into my mom!  (Uh, hello!?.. talk about odd... This is a store I go into maybe 2-3 times a year!  LOL.. anyway, I told her I'd meet her in 20 minutes at the lunch place)

VONS Trip - $15.63 value for $1.82 OOP

(1) Diet Cherry Pepsi 2L, on sale for .88, I had a .50 HMQ that doubled to .88 off = FREE + CRV

(2) Powerade Zero, on sale for .79 each, I used a B1G1F IPQ = .79 + CRV for 2

(1) Starkist Chunk Light Tuna, on sale for $1, and I used a .50 IPQ that doubled = FREE

(1) Haribo Gummi Bears on sale for $1, and I had a .30 IPQ that doubled to .60 off = .40

(1) Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, on sale for $2, and I used a FREE HMQ that I received in the mail = FREE

(1) Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner, on sale for $1.49 with Store Q, and I used $1 IPQ = .49

Don't try to do the math... but I paid $1.82 OOP including tax & CRV for the above stuff 

Finally it was off to Aloha Steakhouse to have lunch with my mom for Mother's Day

Aloha Steakhouse Lunch - FREE

There was so much on the menu to choose from!  The lunch prices at Aloha Steakhouse are much more reasonable that the dinner prices.  My mom had told me that before, but I was finally seeing it for myself.  I had received a $100 gift card at Christmas, and I saved it for a special occasion.  So I wanted to treat my mom to whatever she wanted on the menu.  Between the both of us, including drinks & desserts we only used $42 (including tip!!)  It was delicious and I loved spending 2 hours talking to my mom.  Free lovely lunch for us, my favorite kind!!  I still have $58 left for another special occasion.

I left lunch and headed to the mall... because I had a $10 off $10 JC Penney coupon expiring on 5/8 and Lane Bryant was also having a sale to save 40% off anything in the store until 5/8.

JC Penney Trip - $49.98 Value for $4.96+tax

I can't believe I stumbled upon these pants on the clearance rack!!  My son is growing like a weed, and he loves these pants that are elastic waist & zip-off knees.  These pants were regularly $29.99, on clearance for $4.97.  Let me tell you, I couldn't say "SOLD" fast enough.  I asked if there were more!  LOL  He is barely wearing a size 10, and these are size 10/12, so a little big, but will be perfect for when school starts in the fall!!

The shorts were regularly $19.99 on sale for $7.99.

After my $10 coupon, I paid $4.96 + tax... Happy Me!!

Lane Bryant Trip - $39.99 Value for FREE

Then I walked down to Lane Bryant to see what they had.  I knew almost everything in the store was 40% off the regular prices (which is pretty high), so I looked around and found a couple things to try on & stumbled across some bathing suits.... what a struggle THAT was in the dressing room.  I never knew I could work up a sweat trying to get a new bathing suit on.  Needless to say, I did NOT like the way any of them looked and they all went back on the rack.

I had a $50 Lane Bryant gift card that I earned from my My Points burning a hole in my purse.... but I only ended up getting these lounge pants.

Regularly $39.99, marked down to $29.99, then the 40% came off the $29.99 = $17.99

I used my gift card and paid ZERO.. and I still have $30.52 left on my card.  I get "Save $25 off $75" coupons all the time, so I'll be able to get in on another deal soon enough!!

While I was at the mall, I did my Target shopping trip too (trying to save on gas & plan all my trips out!!)

Target Trip - $56.85 Value for $13.05

I broke this trip into 2 transactions, because the Smart Ones deal was producing a $5 Target gift card when you bought 10, and the John Frieda Haircolor deal was producing a $5 gift card when you bought 2... so I wanted to separate them to make sure I could roll at least one of the $5 gift cards into the 2nd transaction.

Transaction #1
I got (10) Weight Watchers Smart Ones meals on sale for $1.89 ea., I used $4 off 10 IPQ, saved an additional 50¢ for using my Target Debit REDcard, and paid $14.40 OOP and earned $5 gift card = $9.40

Transaction #2 -
(1) Magnum Ice Cream bars on sale for $3.29, I used $1 TQ & $1 IPQ = $1.29
(1) Gallon of milk $2.79
(1) Suave conditioner, on sale for .87, I used .75 TQ = .12
(2) John Frieda Hair Color, $11.99 each, I used (2) $5 MQ on each of them & I had (2) different Target coupons to save $5 = $3.98 total for both boxes & I earned $5 gift card = $1.02 MM
The total for Transaction #2 after tax & 16¢ REDcard savings was $8.65, and I used the $5 gift card I received in Transaction #1, then paid my $3.65.  I still have a $5 Target gift card to use on my next visit!!

After that, I finally went home....

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