Monday, May 30, 2011

Be Sure and Look Thru ALL the Grocery Ads!!

Be sure and look through ALL the grocery ads, even if you don't shop at the other stores.  It really only takes a minute each to scan them & see if you are missing out on a great deal.

I rarely shop at Vallarta or Tresierras stores, but I ALWAYS look through the ads because almost every week I find manufacturer's coupons print inside the ad.  Look at the examples!!  40¢ off Knudsen sour cream!!  This doubles to 80¢ at Vons & Ralphs.. and Vons has Knudsen on sale for $1.50 thru Tuesday.. I was able to get sour cream for 70¢ - LOVE THAT!!!

 ...and not only was the sour cream in the Vallarta ad, but the same coupon was in the Tresierras ad too!  But one of them had a longer expiration date, so I used the short-dated one first of course, and I'll save the other one for next time!!

The manufacturer's coupons can be used at the other grocery stores.

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