Monday, May 23, 2011

Circle K & Ralphs #2 - Needed Milk!!

Yes.. after a trip to CVS and a trip to Ralphs I still forgot to get milk.. the thing that's been on my list for 2 days!!  I was driving by a Circle K liquor store and stopped in to see how much the milk was... I figured if it was $3.29 or less I'd get it there.  As I walk in, I spot tear pad coupons!!  I love tear pads!!  I finally made my way to the milk... $4.09!!  WHAT?!  I asked the lady "When did milk get so high?" as I grabbed more tear pad coupons... LOL... I told her "I'll try Ralphs, it may be cheaper"... she said "Oh no, not Ralphs, try Albertsons" (as if!.. she had no idea who she was talking to)... so I went to the small Ralphs near my house, and of course, there it was a gallon of milk for $2.69!!  $1.40 cheaper than Circle K.  Wowza!!  So, even though I had to make a couple pit stops (I didn't go out of my way much), I still made out because I got some tear pad coupons from Circle K and then when I went into the smaller Ralphs, they had the Optimum Wellness free magazines that the larger Ralphs didn't have (I grabbed 3)!!  The May/June issue has a $1 off Voskos yogurt coupon inside.  It was a very productive trip indeed!!

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