Friday, April 29, 2011

Building a Stockpile

Now, I'm a huge couponer, but you can see that my stockpiles are not crazy.  I live in an apartment with limited storage space and we are a family of three.  We can only use so much.  You have to keep your shopping & stockpiling under control and do what works for your family.  I probably only do 10% of what those people on "Extreme Couponing" do.  Obviously, if I can get something free or pennies-cheap, I'm going to get it.  I end up donating my over abundance if we can't use it all.  Usually twice a year I donate approx. 10 bags of items to Food Share.  For those of you who can itemize on your taxes, this is a tax write-off!! 

Most of this stuff was free or under .25 cents each.  Ralphs usually has a huge "Mega Deal" sale every 2 months and I'm able to get enough to last until the next sale.  Keep in mind, just because you have a coupon doesn't mean you have to use it!!  Coupons are released in cycles... they will be released again.  You'll also learn more about the cycles after you are involved in couponing after 6-12 months.  There may be a .25 cent coupon on Secret deodorant this month (which would double to .50 cents off at our Ralphs & Vons), but in 1-2 months, there may be a .50 cents coupon, which would double to $1 off!!  I stockup during the sales, usually just enough to get me to the next sale.  Also, since our local Vons & Ralphs have double coupon policies, it makes it harder to buy multiples.  I would have to make multiple trips or transactions, and time doesn't always allow.  Since I only get one Sunday newspaper, this also slows down my buying... because I may only have one coupon to use.

This is one of my closets I transformed into a "pantry" after the Ralphs unlimited doubles back in November 2010.  I needed more room to store stuff!!  Everything I see in there was free or only pennies!!

This is the area above my washer & dryer.  You can see all the different detergents, fabric softeners & stain removers.. and there's some more in there that you can't see!  Again... free or pennies!!  Slowly but surely you will begin to build up your own stockpile.


I'm working on my shopping lists & deals... just had to eat... look what I ended up with!  Cost - about $1.20

Reader Johnna's Shopping Trip!!

So I ventured out today using Jen’s Couponing knowledge that she has passed on to me through Facebook and her blog  I use a lot of internet coupons that I print and then throw into a folder in my coupon system.  I cut out, organized and entered my coupons into Excel this morning. Then I looked on to see if there were any really good deals out today.  Finally I put together my rough list and headed out.

First stop was Albertsons. I had printed 5 coupons for Guerrero Tortilla’s (thanks to Jen’s blog!) and also Jose Ole 3 printable coupons.  I found on that Alberstons has Jose Ole on sale for 3.99 and there was also a coupon in the 4/17 paper.  So with my coupons in hand I got:

5 packages of Guerrero 10 ct flour tortillas @ 1.25 each - $1 off IPQ (I had 5) = $0.25 each

3 Jose Ole frozen pks @ 3.99 - $2 off IPQ (had 3) = $1.99 each

1 Jose Ole frozen pk @ 3.99 - $1 off MQ = $2.99 each

Total before coupons & sales: $34.91     Actual Total OOP = $10.21

Next stop Ralphs…..
I went to Ralphs with the intention of getting their cereal deal that is going on right now.  After some consultation with Jennifer, I was ready!  I split my groceries into 3 separate orders to take advantage of the doubling of coupons.  Ralphs will only double the 1st of like coupons.  So I did my homework and split what I needed into 3 orders.

First Round:
(2) bags Tostitos on sale 2.99ea., used MQ for $1.00 off 2 = $4.98 (plus Ralphs had a deal buy 2 Tostitos get free salsa! $3 value)

(6) boxes Rice Krispies Cereal on sale 1.98 ea., used (3) IPQ for $1 off 2 = $2.96 for 2... $8.88 for 6 boxes

Newman’s Own Lemonade  $2.59ea., used  IPQ for .50 any ~doubled to $1.00 =  $1.59

(2) Skinny Cow Cups  $1.25 ea., used (2) IPQ for $1 any size = $.50 for both

Raisin Bran on sale for $1.98,  IPQ .70 doubled to $1 =  $.98

16oz Knudsen Sour Cream $2.79 ea., used IPQ .60 doubled to $1 =  $1.79

Mountain High Yogurt 32 oz. $2.99ea.,  IPQ .50 doubled to $1 = $1.99

Fiber One Yogurt  clearanced at $2.59 ea., IPQ .50 doubled to $1 =  $1.59

Chiquita Healthy Bites clearanced at $2.29 ea.,  MQ $1 off  = $1.29

Raspberry Hard Cider $3.99, no coupon = $3.99

(2) Marie's Salad Dressing  $3.00, used (2) IPQ $1 off  = $2.00

Banana’s   .69/lb =  $2.16

Chicken Thighs  .99/lb  =  $3.45

Buddig Ham  $2.49 ea., used  IPQ $1 off  =  $1.49

I used a $25 transfer prescription coupon which was applied to my Ralphs club card.  My total for this ended up being = verified savings of $69.17    so my TOTAL OOP: $15.01

Second Round:
Fiber One Yogurt  clearanced at $2.59 ea., used  IPQ .50 doubled to $1 =  $1.59

16 oz. Knudsen Sour Cream  $2.79 ea., used  IPQ .60 doubled to $1 =  $1.79

(2) Totino’s Pizza Party pizzas $1 ea., used  MQ .50 off 2 doubled to $1 =  $1.00 for 2

Raisin Bran on sale for $1.98,  IPQ .70 doubled to $1 =  $.98

Verified Savings = $8.09  -   TOTAL OOP on 2nd TRIP: $5.36

Third Round:

Raisin Bran on sale for $1.98,  IPQ .70 doubled to $1 =  $.98

(2) cans Black Beans   $1 ea. =   $2

Verified Savings = $3.69      TOTAL OOP on 3rd TRIP =  $2.98

In Summary: 

Total Grocery Bill      =  $139.21
Minus sales/coupons  -  $105.56

TOTAL OOP  =               $33.56

Boulder Chips - Save $1


New coupon at!!

Use zip code 90210 if you can't find it. 

Save $1 off ONE BAG of Boulder Canyon chips!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Difference In Coupons

These are called Catalina Coupons, or us couponers will call them CATs for short.  They are released by the Catalina Corp. and are the thin strip of coupons & ads that come out of the machine next to the cash register.

The examples to the left tell us about some up-coming deals.  The top one tells us if we buy a certain number of CPK pizzas during a specified period, that we will earn a CAT up to $3 off on your next order (OYNO).

Same with the middle CAT.  It's telling us that when we buy 4 participating General Mills products, we will earn a $2 CAT OYNO.  It's when we combine these offers with sales & coupons, we can get stuff CHEAP!!  Many times the CATs "roll" which means we can use it to help pay for another transaction and earn another CAT for the next order, and do it again & again ("rinse & repeat")

The last one above is just a regular Store Coupon off a store-brand item.  But it's still a CAT store coupon.  There are also CAT Manufacturer Coupons, and those cannot be combined with other regular-looking manufacturer coupons.  You cannot put a MQ with another MQ.

This is an example of a CAT coupon that you would earn by doing some of the CAT deals stated above.  This was an example from a Kraft CAT deal last year.  When you purchased 5 participating Kraft products, then you earned a $5 CAT good OYNO.  These are MONEY!!!

The is what we call an Internet Printable Coupon (IPQ).  You can see over in the upper left hand corner that it is a Manufacturer's Coupon, and then you see in BOLD in the center "DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE" (DND) - ewwww, we don't like these coupons!!  Since Ralphs & Vons currently allow us to double, we don't want to use these if we can avoid it.  It's very hit or miss (or as we say "Your Mileage May Vary" YMMV) on if the cashier will allow it to double or not.  If I have 2 "like" coupons and one says  Do Not Double (DND) and one does not, then I'm going to use the one that does not say it first.  There are many General Mills & Pillsbury product coupons located in the Target printable coupons and so far none of them say DND on them!  Yay!!

This one is a Kroger (Ralphs) coupon.  Even though it says Manufacturer's Coupon, it will not scan at another store.  At the top it says "Redeemable Only at Kroger Family Stores..."
The barcode on the coupon is another dead give away.  If it starts will a bunch of zeros in that first set, then no other stores register can read the coupon.  It's a "Store Specific" coupon.

This is also a Store Specific Coupon.  It says "Store Coupon" on it.  Because this one actually says "Store Coupon", you CAN combine this with a Manuf. Coupon.  There are $1 IPQ's out there for Rubbermade containers right now, so buy combining the 2 coupons, you would save $2 off one container!

This one is a Rite-Aid Video Values coupon printed from their Rite-Aid website.  You have to sign up for a Video Values account.  Even though this says Manufacturer's Coupon on it, you ARE allowed to combine these Rite-Aid coupons with another "regular" MQ or IPQ.  It has a Rite-Aid barcode on it, so really it's a Rite-Aid Store coupon.

Rite-Aid releases new Video Values (VV) coupons every month.  you watch a short video 20 sec. to 3 min. long to "earn" the coupon, then print it out & wait for a sale!

This one is an example of a Rite-Aid "In-Ad" coupon.  It works the same as the one above.  Even though it technically says "Manufacturer's Coupon" on it... because of the barcode, you can see it's a Rite-Aid Store coupon, so you can combine it with a MQ or IPQ.  Then you can see that if you purchased this product during the sale time, you also would have earned a $1 +Up Reward too!!  More on Rite-Aid +Up Rewards at a later date, but basically they are coupons you earn for buying specific products, and you can use the coupons (+Up Rewards) on any future purchase, just like cash!!

This one is a Target Store Coupon.  You can combine Target coupons with manufacturer's coupons, as I mentioned in the prior Shopping with Target Coupons post.

Always make note of the fine print on ALL coupons.  It's important that everyone practices legal couponing. 

It's rarely ever legal to photocopy coupons.  You do not want to commit coupon fraud, so follow the coupon rules.

Remember - Coupon fraud hurts everyone. The stores may not get reimbursed for illegal use of coupons. The more fraudulent coupon use that goes on, the more restrictions the manufacturers and stores impose on couponers.

These are VONS "In-Ad" Store coupons.  I may refer to them as SQ (store coupons).

You CAN combine manufacturer's coupons with these VONS SQ.

When I make my store shopping list, I make reference to these coupons so I know what I'm expecting to use at checkout.

Mission Flour 10ct .99 SQ  L10

Then I know I need to have a store coupon in order to get this price and there is a limit of 10.

Always watch for limits on these coupons!!  Make note of them!!  It's important that the stores have these limits so other extreme shoppers don't clear the shelves before we get there!  Limits are a good thing!!   =)

This is a CVS coupon that spits out of the Red "Magic Coupon Machine" when you scan your card at CVS!!  You can combine these CVS store coupons with a manufacturer coupon.  

Example:  This one states Save $1.50 off ANY Bayer Aspirin.  You could combine it with a $1 MQ and save $2.50 off one bottle of Bayer!!

Mambo Sprouts - Organic & Gluten-Free Printables

CLICK HERE to print coupons on such products as:
    Organic Valley
    Blue Diamond
    Barbara's Bakery
    Stonyfield Farm

    Food Should Taste Good Chips $1 Printable

    Go to the Food Should Taste Good site and click on the "$1.00 off" button at the bottom.

    You’ll be able to sign up for a Food Should Taste Good Coupon

    Kelloggs Coupons

    CLICK HERE to check out the Kellogg's printable coupons

    Sunday 5/1 - 4 Coupon Inserts!!

    There are supposed to be 4 coupon inserts in this Sundays newspaper!!  YAY!!  This will make up for not having any last Sunday!!  CLICK HERE for a preview.

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    Vons - New Hallmark Deal = FREE Cards!!

    I love this Hallmark card Catalina deal!! 
    From now until May 10th just purchase three Hallmark cards (excluding .99 cards) and get a $5 Catalina Coupon (see CAT example) to use on your next purchase. 

    Buy 3 Hallmark Cards on sale $1.49
    Pay $4.47, get $5 Catalina*
    FREE plus overage after Catalina
    * This coupon will roll into a second transaction 

    Shopping with Target Coupons

    What do you think is going on above??  Well... Target coupon matching of course!!  Did you know you can combine a manufacturer's coupon with a Target Coupon and use BOTH when buying ONE item at Target?!  Yes, you can!!  It's in the Target Coupon Policy.  ( "We'll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.")  That's why you need to make sure you carry a copy of the store policy with you when you shop this way, because not all of the cashiers understand this coupon policy and you may need to ask to speak to the manager... or just whip out your coupon policy!!  No need to be rude about it... they are still learning.

    Where to find Target Coupons:
    Besides clicking on the link on the left-side of this blog, you can find the Target coupons by going to the website and scrolling ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom, you will find the word COUPONS in small print.. click on it & it will take you to the Printable Coupon page.  NOT ALL of the coupons are Target coupons.  They mix manufacturer's coupons in with the Target coupons and sometimes it's hard to tell which are Target coupons & which are manufacturer's coupons.  A dead give away is if there is RED writing under the coupon and it mentions a Target online code, then it will print out as a Target coupon... but another thing I like about these coupons is... the manufacturer's coupons rarely say DO NOT DOUBLE on them... which means when I use these manufacturer's coupons at Vons or Ralphs, they will double!!  Because many times, the General Mills & Betty Crocker product coupons that you print directly from the General Mills & Betty Crocker website says DO NOT DOUBLE on them... which can be bad for us when we get a stickler cashier who see's that when they are scanning the coupons at checkout!!  You can print two of each coupon from the website.  I recommend printing the ones you can use or the REALLY good ones as soon as you see them, because sometimes they disappear and won't be there when you go back.  Many coupons have a set print limit and when the limit is hit "POOF", they are gone.

    All of the Target Coupons say "Limit one per transaction".  So if you wanted to use 2 of the same Target coupons, you would need to have them rung up separately.

    As a matter of fact, you can match a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon this at most stores around here (Vons, Ralphs, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid).  
    • Vons: In-ad coupon or home-mailer Vons coupon with a manufacturer's coupon
    • Ralphs: In-ad coupon or home-mailer Ralphs coupon with a manufacturer's coupon
    • CVS: Store coupons printed from the "Red Magic Coupon Machine" with a MQ
    • Rite-Aid: In-ad coupon and/or online Video Values coupon with a manufacturer's coupon

    Let's go through some examples below:

    (Above) - You can see a Target Web Coupon for 20% off select Fisher Price infant toys.  It's important to read the fine print on the Target coupon to make sure you are buying the correct item.  There happened to be some printable Manufacturer's Coupons for the same exact toys..and at certain Target stores, some of these toys were on sale or on clearance!!  Wowza!! 

    Using the Target coupon & the Race Car coupon:
    I found one of these Little Zoomers Shake & Crawl Racers on clearance for $15.99 (Reg. $24.99)
    Hand them the Target coupon first and it'll take $3.20 off, then hand them the Manufacturer's Coupon to save another $5 off!!  That makes the cost $7.79 for a $24.99 toy!!!  What a great gift.  Buy & save for a future gift!

    (Above) - I have matched a Target Coupon to save $1 off a U-Kotex product with a Manufacturer's Coupon to save $1 off the same product.  You can combine BOTH of these items to save $2 off one item.  If you save these and wait for a sale, then you may get the product free... well, that's the idea.  Unless you need the product NOW, wait to see if it goes on sale.  Make sure to watch expiration dates!!

    (Above) - With the above example, you can see that buy combining this Target Coupon (TQ) with the Manufacturer's Coupon (MQ), that you would save $3.50 off one tube of Colgate ProClinical toothpaste.  The above TQ was one that came out of the Sunday coupon inserts.

    (Above) - By combining the $2 Internet Printable Coupon (IPQ) and the $2 TQ above, you can save a total of $4 off one Revlon Beauty Tool.  I get free clippers & nail files all the time by doing this.  Usually Revlon products go on sale every month, so you can find a great deal or a freebie.  Always think "stocking stuffer" for these types of items.

    (Above) - By combining the $2 TQ with the $1 MQ, you would save $3 off one package of disposable Schick Quattro for Women razors!!

    (Above) - By combining the $1 TQ with the $1 IPQ, you can save $2 off one Neutrogena Naturals product.  The lip balms sell for $2.99, so you would pay $0.99!!

    (Above) - When new medications hit the market, always look for high-value coupons and other sales & offers where you can get those new medications free!!  Love those deals!!  Always watch the wording on the coupons... the best ones are the ones that say "Save $xx off ANY size", because usually by purchasing the smaller package you can get a better deal.  In the case of the above coupons, by combining this $5 MQ with the $1 TQ, you would save $6 off one Allegra Children's Allergy product... GREAT DEAL!!

    (Above) - Notice that the $5 IPQ mentions 24 ct. or larger while the $2 TQ mentions 10 ct. or larger.  Because the IPQ has a higher count, you need to buy the larger count product in order to be able to use both of these coupons towards the one product... but you would still be saving $7 off this item.  Great savings if this is a product you need!!

    (Above) - I find Halls cough drops on sale for $1 all the time!!  By combining the .50 cent TQ with the .50 cent MQ, you would save $1 off one package of Halls cough drops 25 ct. or larger.  Can you say FREE?

    Clarks Photos - Get 3 cent Photo Prints

    Use Coupon Code: 11CA3CP at checkout.  Offer expires: 5/17/11

    Only one coupon code may be used per order. Offer applies to a maximum of 120 4x6/4xD prints, ordered online only. Does not include shipping and handling. One time use. Expires 5/17/11. 50% Off Gifts and Books, orders of $25 or more, online only. Does not include shipping & handling. Max use 2. Expires 05/17/11. 40 free prints will be applied to your order first and does not include shipping & handling.

    Marie's Salad Dressing - Save $1

    Print this coupon to save $1 off any Marie's Dressing, Dip or Glaze

    Blockbuster Express - Get 5 Rentals for $2

    Have you signed up for GROUPON yet??  If not, click here to sign up first!!  

    Then come back HERE before 8pm (PST) Thursday 4/28/11, and get 5 movie rentals from Blockbuster Express for $2!!  That works out to only .40 each!!  

    The Fine Print

    • Expires May 1, 2013
    • Limit 1 voucher perperson, may buy more as gifts. Valid only at any Blockbuster Express kiosks and for online reservation for pickup at kiosks. May use over multiple visits. Not valid on Blu-ray or Hot List titles. Groupon value reduces by $3 after 5/1/2013, except where prohibited by law.

    Johnson's Bedtime - Save $2 off 2

    Print this coupon and save $2 off 2 Johnson's Bedtime Bath or Lotion products.

    Albertsons - Guerrero Tortillas for 25 cents!!

    I don't usually shop at Albertson's but this would be one of the items I would go there for!  I can't pass up .25 cent tortillas!!  The Guerrero Flour Tortilla 10 count packages are on sale for $1.25 each through May 3rd, and you can sign up to print out $1 coupon from HERE.  Make sure you hit your browser BACK button to print 2!!

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Los Angeles Times Sunday Edition for only $9.88/Yr

    Yes... less than $10 a year for the Sunday Edition - WITH COUPONS!!  That works out to just .19 cents per week!!  Call 1-800-88-TIMES and reference promo code: 900928

    Know Your Stores Sale Dates

    When first beginning to coupon, most people don't realize that the stores sale weeks run all different days of the weeks... so you may want to make note of these until you have it memorized:

    For Ventura County -
    • Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, Fresh & Easy, etc. - Sales run Wednesdays to Tuesdays
    • Rite-Aid - Sales run Sundays to Saturdays
    • Target & CVS - Sales run Sundays to Saturdays

    Usually I shop with these two things in mind:

    1) Get to the store who has the things I need as quickly as possible so they don't run out
    2) Go to the store who's sales are ending the soonest so I don't miss out on what I need

    Breve Creme Coffee Creamer - Save .55

    GO HERE to print out a .55 coupon for the new International Delights new coffee creamer Breve Creme

    Making Shopping Lists

    I mentioned in my "How I File My Coupons" post that I make lots of lists.  You can see if you click on the photo above, that many times I duplicate my notes.  I just want to make sure I have all the info!!  When I cut out the printable coupons, I make note paper out of the scraps I have left over.  I visit my favorite frugal blogs sites daily, and as I read them, I make notes for anything that I am interested in.  I stuff these in my purse if I'm at work and put them with my couponing stuff when I'm at home.

    Obviously, it's only important that I can read these scribble notes I make.  =)  I use a lot of coupon abbreviations to save myself writing & keep the notes as short as possible.

    Let's use the example above:
    It's from CVS for the week of 4/17
    I wrote "Easter Grass .99 --> Tues L1"
    What this tells me is that the Easter Grass at CVS is .99 until Tues and there is a limit of 1 $0.99 ECB
    Same thing with the Paas Decorating kit under it.  Sometimes CVS has some ECB (Extra Care Bucks) items that are only good for 3 days (Sun-Mon-Tues), so it's important to make these notations.

    I also wrote "Edge Shave Gel 3.29 w/$2.50 ECB. L1 use .55 MQ 3/20S"
    What this tells me is that the Edge Shaving Gel is on sale for $3.29 and I can earn a $2.50 ECB for buying one, but there is a limit of 1 ECB offer on this product.  I also can use a .55 Manufacturer's Coupon from the March 20th SmartSource Sunday coupon insert.  So after the ECB & MQ, this product would end up costing me 24 cents!!  24 cents is my buying price for shaving cream!!  If I accidently purchased 2 of these products thinking I would get (2) $2.50 ECB's, I would be wrong.  It has a limit of 1, so it's important to make notations of offer limits.

    Another example from above would be "Aquafresh TB & TP $1 - $1 MQ 4/17R"
    What this tells me is that the Kids Aquafresh Toothbrushes & Toothpastes are on sale for $1.  Look in my April 17th Red Plum Sunday coupon insert to hopefully find a $1 manufacturer's coupon. 

    Sometimes I put a "checkmark" next to a note I write.. like "check" Welcome Mats or "check"  Dixie plates.  Usually these are notes to myself to "check" on this item, because someone mentioned a good price or a clearance deal... and since clearance varies from store to store, it's just a heads up for me to remember to look at  those items while I'm there.

    Keep in mind, many coupons are regional.  If I posted about coupons, I'll always be referencing the LA Times newspaper, because they have a more complete coupon insert for Ventura County.  The coupons in the Ventura County Star are not as many as the LA Times.  It's worth it to get the Sunday only newspaper of the LA Times.  Many times you'll stumble across a $10/yr subscription rate for the LA Times Sunday only.  If I see one, I'll post it... or you could always call & beg for the deal your friend has ;)  But not only do the coupons vary in Ventura County, but they vary greatly across the USA.  What some blogger posts in TX may not be a coupon we received here in Ventura, CA. Always keep in mind that you may not have the same coupon.  I like to use the COUPON DATABASE on Coupon Mom to help me locate my coupons in my LOCAL inserts.  You can choose your state, and it's more accurate.  You'll find a list of abreviations I use often on the left hand side of the Savings Chatter blog.

    Then when I'm ready to hit the store, I take all my scribble notes and compose them into one nicely written list.  Sometimes I use a scrap piece of paper, or in the case of the photo above, I used a #10 envelope.  I like to use an envelope for Target, because I usually have pulled out & matched my manufacturers coupons (MQ's) to my Target coupons (TQ's), and I can put them all inside the envelope.  More on Target coupon matching later!!

    Pretzel Crisps - New B1G1F Coupon

    Today is National Pretzel Day!!

    You can get a great new Pretzel Crisps Coupon.  The coupon is for BOGO Free (Buy One Get One Free) Pretzel Crisps 6 – 7.2 oz bags with a max value of $3.99.  You will have to “like” Pretzel Crisps on Facebook in order to print your coupon.

    This is a PDF coupon & prints large... you can adjust your printer settings when you go to print.  Exp. 5/31/11

    Recyclebank - Earn More Points!!

    There is a new room that unlocked today from Recyclebank- so you can earn more points!!
    • Head over to Recyclebank and be sure to log in or register for an account.  The site may be busy so refresh the page to get it to load.
    • Click on the Green Your Home Challenge.
    • Click on the house and look for the bathroom - Click on the house it should pop-up to full size for you to see the rooms.
    • Click on the bathroom and start clicking on the yellow (+) signs.  Answer a few quick questions and earn points.
    • If you haven't had a chance to look through all of the rooms in the house, do so today!!  Watch those points add up, then redeem them for coupons!!  I usually check the site once a day to see what the HOT DEAL of the day is.

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    Michael Crafts - Save 15% Off Everything

    Print out this coupon and save 15% off your ENTIRE purchase now thru May 14th

    ...or print out THIS COUPON and save 20% off your ENTIRE purchase thru April 30th

    Coupon Class Date Set & Registration Open

    After taking a poll to see which date seemed better, the majority voted for Tuesday, May 24th... So mark your calendar now!!

    Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 @ 6pm-9pm
    Location: Ventura... exact location to be determined depending on how many people sign up.
    Cost: FREE!!


    Small Ralphs Trip

    Quick trip to Ralphs for more sour cream & lemonade.  Unfortunately the small Ralphs by my house didn't have the Newman's Own lemonade I wanted  =(

    I ended up getting $26.02 worth of stuff for $5.96 OOP - 77% Savings

    (1) Pedigree 4.4 lb Dog Food = $5.99 - .20 sale -$5 IPQ = .79

    (1) Knudsen Sour Cream 16oz. = $3.19 - $1.19 sale - .60 IPQ doubled to $1 off = $1

    (1) Scott Facial Tissues = $1.89 - .50 sale - .50 IPQ doubled to $1 off = .39

    (2) Strawberries $2.99 ea. = $5.98 - $4.22 sale = .88 each pkg of strawberries

    (1) Egg Shaped Snack Cake = $1.99 - $1.50 clearance savings = .49

    (2) Nestle Easter Cookies $3.49 ea. = $6.98 - $4 clearance - (2) $1 IPQs = .49 each pkg

    Quick Trip to CVS

    I love a place where I can get my milk & bake fluid in the same shopping trip!!  $51.85 worth of stuff for $0.24+tax out of pocket.  I also used $7 of my ECB's too!!  Can you imagine paying $51.85 for the stuff pictured above?!  If you shop without coupons and don't care if there's a sale, that's exactly what you are doing!!

    Just when you thought you couldn't get a candy bar for .25 cents anymore!
    (3) Candy Bars .99 ea. = $2.97 -.99 for B2G1F sale -.99 for B2G1F 3/13 RP - .25/2 CVS Q = .74 for 3

    (4) PowerAde Zero $1.79 ea. w/CRV = $7.16 -3.40 sale -$1.68 B1G1F IPQs = $2.08 for 4

    (1) Blink Tears Eye Drops = $11.99 - $4 sale - $1 MQ = $6.99 and earn $7.99 ECB

    (4) Dove Men Deodorant $4.99 ea. = $19.96 - $16 sale - $3.96 MQ & IPQ & $2 CVS Q = -$2 MM

    (1) Kettle Chips = $3.69 - $1.19 sale - $1 MQ = $1.50

    (1) Milk 1 Gal = $2.99

    (1) STP Brake Fluid = $2.99
    I used $15 ECB's to pay for this order and ended up having to pay .24 + tax OOP.  I earned $7.99 in ECB's for buying the Blink Tears Eye Drops, so this trip ended up costing me .24 + tax and $7 in ECB's.  Works for me!!

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