Monday, May 23, 2011

CVS Trip 5/23 - $41.90 for FREE

I wanted to go to CVS today to get the Revlon nail polishes in case they ran out!!

The first thing I do is walk to the CVS Red Magic Coupon Machine... we call it that because we are never sure what's going to come out of it!  LOL It's also a price scanner too!!  I scanned my CVS card one time, and out popped a $5 Extra Care Buck (ECB)!!  Whoo Hoo!  It said I had earned this $5 ECB for buying $50 in beauty products (LOL, as if!)... so I scanned my card again and more coupons came out: "FREE CVS Green Tag",  "Save $1 off Crystal Light" & "Save $1 of Indiana Popcorn".  All of the coupons that come out of this machine are CVS coupons and they CAN be combined with a manufacturer's coupon, if there is a matching one out there.  I scanned my card again, and it told me "NO MORE COUPONS - CHECK BACK TOMORROW".  Always scan your CVS card until it tells you "NO MORE COUPONS".  Sometimes it'll keep spitting out coupons and you never know what you would be missing!!  That $5 ECB helped me be able to get more during this CVS shopping trip.

The only thing I knew I wanted was the Revlon Nail Polish, which are producing a $4 ECB for each $4.99 nail polish (Limit 6 deals).  Some people were reporting finding some nail polishes for $3.99 that were working, but I didn't find any of those.  But while I was using the red price scanner to check the different colors to see if any were ringing up $3.99, I ran across a color that was ringing up $1.45!!  Usually clearance items do not produce ECB's, but I wanted to try anyway.  I had manufacturer coupons to help eat the cost if they didn't produce ECB's.
Then while I was there I noticed the Irish Spring & Soft Soap Body Washes were on sale for $3 each and earn a $5 ECB when you buy (WYB) 2.. that means even without coupons, they  are 50¢ each!!  The Irish Spring mens deodorant are also under this same deal.  I didn't have any coupons for the body wash or Irish Spring deodorant but the deal was too good to pass up, especially since I had the unexpected $5 ECB and I had a Save $5 off $20 expired CVS coupon they let me use.  I wanted to make sure I got to $20!!  It's a limit of ONE deal, so I decided to get the Soft Soap Body Washes to save for my son's teachers holiday gift bags.  The Stride gum is on sale for 99¢, and this week there is a ECB deal to Buy 1 Stride Gum or Trident Vitality Gum, get 99¢ ECB back... so FREE!!  I also used a Stride Gum Save $1 off 2 and ended up with both for FREE!!

2 Soft Soft Body Washes @ $3 ea. = $6.00  (Retail $4.49 ea.)
3 Revlon Nail Polish @ $4.99 ea. = $14.97 (Retail $5.79 ea.)
2 Revlon Nail Polish @ $1.45 ea. = $2.90 (Retail $5.79 ea.)
2 Stride Gum @ 99¢ ea. = $1.98  (My son already snagged a pack before I took the picture!!) (Retail $1.49 ea.)
1 CVS Green Bag Tag @ 99¢
Total:    $26.84  after sale prices

-$2 Revlon Color Cosmetic Manuf Q  (from 5/8 SS)
-$1 Revlon Nail Manuf Q (from 4/10 SS)
-$1 off 2 Stride Gum Manuf Q (from 4/3 SS)
-99¢ CVS Magic Coupon Machine for FREE Green Bag Tag
-$5 off $20 CVS expired coupon they let me use
-$5 ECB that I got out of the Magic Coupon Machine
-$11 in ECB's that I had from previous purchases that I rolled into this purchase!
=   85¢ OOP plus tax... and I earned:

$12 in ECB's for buying the 3 full-priced Revlon nail polishes (no ECB's on the clearanced polishes, as I expected)  (Limit 6, so I can go buy 3 more)
99¢ ECB for the Stride Gum  (Limit 1 deal)
$5 ECB for the Soft Soap/Irish Spring deal (Limit 1 deal)
$1 ECB for using my CVS Green Bag Tag
... so I made $2.14 on this shopping trip since I got $18.99 in new ECB's & I used $16 ECB's & 85¢ OOP... with tax, it all nets out to FREE!!

You can see my CVS Green Bag Tag attached to the shopping bag I use when I shop at CVS.  Every 4th time my CVS Green Bag Tag is scanned (limit 1 scan per day), I earn a $1 ECB!!  So basically they are crediting me 25¢ every time I use my own bag!!  Sounds great to me!!  Since I hit a "4th" time on this shopping trip, I got that extra $1 ECB!!  It looks like this week when you scan your CVS card at the Magic Coupon Machine, you will receive your own coupon for a FREE CVS Green Bag Tag.  You can attach it to any reusable shopping bag & make sure they scan it each time you shop at CVS!!  Happy Shopping!!

Here are examples of CVS coupons that come out of the red Magic Coupon Machine (on the left).. and what Extra Care Bucks look like (on the right).  you can combine these when you shop with other manufacturer coupons to save-save-save!!  I like to "roll" my ECB's into other deals that offer ECB's.. that's why it's calling "rolling".  I do it again & again, and get stuff for free, and still have ECB's to use.  

ECB Example:

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