Tuesday, May 3, 2011

HSI Hair Straightener - FREE with Swagbucks!!

After Ashley's CHI TURBO went out a few months ago, I got another CHI TURBO on eBay.  Even though everything I read & compare tells me it's a real CHI TURBO, it doesn't work as well as the one she had prior and I hate it!!  I read that some of the CHI production moved and the products aren't being made the same... so on that note, THIS DEAL was brought to my attention a few days ago, and it's EXACTLY the type of deal I've been savings my SWAGBUCKS for!!  I scored a retail value $299 hair straightener for FREE!!  I've been savings my SWAGBUCKS and redeeming them for $5 Amazon credit every time I hit 450 SWAGBUCKS in my account.  SWAGBUCKS is a fun search engine website.  I usually average 450 SWAGBUCKS a month by searching & playing games.  Can't wait to get my new hair straightener from Amazon.  I hope it works as well as the 19 out of 22 positive reviewers say!!

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