Friday, May 13, 2011

Earn or Save on Prescriptions

Do you have prescriptions?  Consider earning a gift card by transferring it to another store when you see coupons such as these.

I had one prescription that started off at CVS, then Rite-Aid offered a $25 store gift card when I transferred it there, so I spent the 10 minutes to transfer the prescription.  Usually my co-pay doesn't change.  My co-pay with my insurance is approx. $10-$15, then I would earn a $25 store gift card just for transferring the prescription!  Then when Ralphs had this coupon in their ad, I transferred my prescription there!  Actually I have since found that my co-pay is only $9 at Ralphs versus $16 at CVS.  I'm not sure why that is, but I keep the prescription at Ralphs now.  Usually these coupons are only good on "Transferred Prescriptions", but every now & then you will find one good on a new prescription.  Those are HOT!!

$4 Generic Prescriptions -
Did you know that Ralphs , Target and Walmart stores offer the $4 generic prescriptions?  If you need a prescription (even if you have insurance), ask the doctor if it qualifies for the $4 generic plan.  Most doctors know about this plan & what generics qualify.  There are over 300 generics drugs that qualify!!  You can also look on the list here.

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