Monday, May 9, 2011

Albertsons - $13.74 worth for $2.58

Albertson's has Anthony's pasta on sale until 5/10 @ 11:59pm for $1

I printed off $1 coupons from HERE and got 4 packages free!!

Then if you received the Albertsons coupon booklet in the mail last week, there were 2 "Double Coupons" on the back.  Limit 1 Doubler Per Transaction (Stupidest thing ever if you ask me, but whatever!!).  Since I was there for the pasta, I needed some juices for my son. (We use these perfect size toddler 15 carb juices to treat his blood sugar lows since he's Type 1 diabetic)

These were on sale for $2.29 x 2 = $4.58, used $1 off 2 IPQ, and $1 Doubler = $1.29 ea.

Total Value $13.74, spent $2.58 OOP

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