Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vons - Coke 12 pk B2G3F

11/12 - 11/18

Whoo Hoo!!
I've been waiting for this sale to come back!!
I have (2) Free Coke 12pk coupons that I got from My Coke Rewards, so I'll be able to get 5 12pks for free with only CRV... and with my 10% off, that'll even eat some of the CRV!!
My stepdad drinks Diet Coke & my kids help him sometimes, but they also save the Coke Point for me, so this is a nice payback for all of that!!

I'm hoping this deal also overlaps with the Hallmark card deal. Vons has a coupon in the card aisle.... Buy any 3 Hallmark cards (even the 99¢ ones), and you get a free 8pk Coke or Dasani... but someone mentioned getting the 12pk Dasani fridge packs, and that may work for the B2G3F deal. I have some investigatng to do to see if I can combine these 2 deals....

BUT, then there's a cute little dog that you also get for free when you buy any 3 Hallmark cards... so this past week, I've been getting 3 cards for $2.97 and a 8pk of Diet Coke & a stuffed puppy too.... only paying $2.97 plus CRV.

Today (11/11) is the last day for the Buy 10 Powerades Get a free case of Dasani (24 pk) for free.

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