Friday, November 28, 2008

Early Thursday Morning CVS Trips

Wednesday was a Crazy Night!!
I was too anxious at 9pm waiting to hear back from people on HCW and SD how the East Coast CVSers were doing with the 3-Day Thanksgiving sales that started at the 24 hour CVS stores at 12:01am on Thursday. I refreshed & refreshed over and over the topics to read the new messages!! It was a go!! By 10pm, I was soooo anxious, waiting & waiting to leave so I could shop and check out right after 12:01am. FINALLY, Ashley & I headed out - yippee!!

I got over 100 items, so I'm going to combine all my transactions totals...

I got $626.19 (retail price) worth of merchandise and used $43.31 of my ECB's & $4.73 OOP (on gift card)... no cash left my hands!! I got everything I went for!!

I got all the "Free After ECB" offers (Hershey's, Aussie Shampoo, Bic Soleil, Schick Trimmer, L'Oreal Lip Gloss, Phillips Earbuds, Playtex Tampons, Johnson & Johnson Lotion, Cover Girl Makeup, Sally Hansen Nail Polish, Colgate Toothpaste, Garnier Towelettes, Gatorade, etc...), I got some other deals too (Right Guard & Soft & Dri deodorant for .44 each), more Duracell batteries, picked up some pictures, some misc. stocking stuffers.... and I was able to get the Waffle Maker too - Whoo Hoo!! Between 2 stores, they only had 2!! We searched high & low and I finally found them!! I also got a 2GB SanDisk for $9.99 (Reg. $39.99), the rice cooker was $9.99 after ECB and a new camera (Reg. $99.99) for my daughter!! I was super excited to be able to get everything I wanted. It was a great rush and we finally got back home at 2:10am!! Here's a picture of some of the other items I got and a picture of the receipt!! It was like 10 feet long!!

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  1. Hi! I got on your site from Money Saving Mom and I just had to share your excitement over getting this stuff! :) I went as soon as my CVS opened to get that camera an I got it for $35 OOP which I was excited about and the went back and got the 2 G card for $0 oop. I love it.

    Happy Holidays!


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