Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Love CVS!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love CVS?

The limit on the Glade Deal this week is 5, and I had only done 1 on Sunday. I also wanted to get more Duracell batteries for the awesome Duracell Deal, and the Ventura store is low on 8pks and Glade products, so I decided to head to the Oxnard CVS on my lunch break. Yay!! They still had a few Duracell 8pks left and they had Glade oil warmers too! Yippee!! When I got to the store, I scanned my CVS card and I got a "Save $10 off $50" CRT!! I had to pick my jaw up off the ground, I was soooo surprised!! I wasn't planning to get $50 worth, but since I had that fab $10/$50 CRT I had to use it, because it had a short expiration!! Thank goodness I was prepared and had my extra Glade Q's with me in my trusty 'ol CVS envelope... because I was only planning to do 1 more Glade Deal, but I decided to get the other $10 off and finish out the limit of the Glade Deal.

I got:

(1) 8pk of Duracell AA batteries = $5.99
(1) 4pk of Duracell C batteries = $5.99
(3) Glade Oil Warmers @ $6.99 = $20.97
(1) Glade Oil Warmer Fan = $7.99
(4) Glade Oil Refills @ $3.99 = $15.96
(1) Blade Shave Gel = $2.24
(1) Hershey Bar = .50
Before Coupons: $59.64

Coupons Used:
- $10 off CRT (Save $10 off $50 CRT)
- $2 off Blade CVS Q
- $5 off 2 Duracell CVS Store Q (Limit 1 per transaction)
- .75 off Duracell MQ
- .75 off Duracell MQ
- $7.99 (Buy 1 Oil Refill, Get a Warmer Free MQ)
- $6.99 (Buy 1 Oil Refill, Get a Warmer Free MQ)
- $6.99 (Buy 1 Oil Refill, Get a Warmer Free MQ)
- $6.99 (Buy 1 Oil Refill, Get a Warmer Free MQ)
After Coupons: $12.18
Used $11.98 ECB to pay

= 20¢ Subtotal plus $2.48 Tax (I used a gift card to pay that $2.68!!)

I earned: $20 ECB for buying $40 in Glade products (4 Deals) & $1 ECB for the Blade Shave Gel, plus I added another $11.98 to my Duracell Deal. I'm only $4+ away from getting another $15 ECB for Duracell!!

Yippee, I'm up $9 on my ECB's AND I got to add towards my Duracell total too!! More ECB's to use on the Black Friday deals!!

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  1. Hey Jenn --

    Good for you! I once mailed Pete my biggest coupon receipt for groceries.. half of the long receipt was food, half was the coupons. I paid very little in the end -- double coupon day! Kinda wish I had kept it as proof! Grin!

    Keep up the good work.. it's fun too!


    p.s. What IS a ECB? "Used $11.98 ECB to pay"


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