Friday, November 14, 2008

My Vons, Albertson's & Ralphs Deals

The only thing I found in the Vons ad was the B2G3F 12-pks of Coke. I don't usually buy soda, but my stepdad does, and the kids take some sometimes... I've been redeeming my points for free 12-pk coupons... and had 2 free coupons.... so I used those 2 free coupons to "buy" the two 12-pks I needed to get the 3 12-pks free... so I ended up with 5 free 12-pks!! Only had to pay CRV. I have been waiting for this B2G3F deal to come back!!

ALBERTSON'S has some good Catalina deals....
Buy 10 participating General Mills or Betty Crocker items, get a $15 Catalina. Though the items are higher priced and I couldn't find many Q's. Oh yes, you get the $15 in Cat's and a coupon for a free gallon of milk. I had enough Q's to do this:
(8) Honey Nut Cheerios x $3 = $24
(2) Curves granola bars x $3 - $6
- (8) $1 IPQ's for HNC = -$8
- (2) .75 MQ's for Curves bars = -$1.50
Total would've been: $20.50
then get back $15 in Cat's & free milk Q, so about $19 value...

I decided not to do it, because I have over $100 in ECB's at CVS, and I've been getting my milk for free there using my ECB's... and I really don't need anymore cereal!! I'm already starting to set aside stuff to donate to the local schools for Cheers For Children and our local Food Share. My pantry runneth over!!

Albertson's also has the ConAgra deal where you Spend $20 in partcipating products, then receive $10 in Cats. That deal looked a little better to me, but when I started pulling out coupons to match to the products I could only come up with around $6 in Q' that would mean $14 OOP. Even if I used my $15 in Cats to "pay", I would end up with only $10 after the deal, and I didn't think I needed the items bad enough to "lose" $5. Plus the coupons I had for this particular deal would also work better towards the Ralphs Mega Event, so I decided to use them at Ralphs. I ended up doing the Kung Fu Panda deal instead, since my son wanted the movie. When you buy the movie, you get $3 off instantly, plus 3 items free.

I got:
Kung Fu Panda $19.99
Knorr Plus Sides $2.00
Popsicles $1.79
Pop Tarts $1.67
= $25.45
- 8.13 (came off instantly. $3 plus $5.13 for the products. Yes, it was .33 short)
- .60 (Knorr IPQ)
- .55 (Pop Tarts Q)
= $16.17
- 15.00 (Paid with my $15 in Cats)
OOP: $1.17 plus tax for a gift for my son & some goodies too!!

The Mega Event continues this week!! Buy 10 participating products and save $5. Limit 3 per transaction... and you CAN mix & match the items & different price levels. I did 4 transaction last week (3, then another 1)... and today I did 3 more. I ended up with 33 items (I usually pick up 1 or 2 extra, just in case... and I had coupons to cover the cost of the items...)... anyway, I spent $4.18 for those 33 items. The total was over $80, then after Ralphs Savings, the $15 Mega Event Savings, then my coupons, it was $4.18!! I used my gift card to pay for that =) I should have taken a picture, but I like to get stuff put away quickly and didn't think about it at the time! I don't have the receipt in front of me, but some of the items included:

(12) Powerades
(4) Carnation Evap. Milk
(1) Reddi-Wip can
(2) Arrowhead 3L water
(2) Quaker Chewy bars
(1) Eagle Brand Sweet Milk
(2) Hefty One Zip bags
(2) BC Potatoes
(1) Colgate
(1) Trix cereal
(1) Pam spray
(1) Land 'o Lakes 4-cubes butter
(2) Swiss Miss hot cocoa...
I can't remember what the other item was.... but I had Q's for everything!!
My mom will like the Eagle Brand milk for holiday fudge!! I even loaded some eCoupons onto my Ralphs card at and saved an extra $2.20 off my bill! I love that I can combine the eCoupons with my paper coupons!!

Since I needed to get a gift for my niece and I didn't have anything I thought she'd really like in my "gift stash" and I need gas too, I decided to take advantage of the VONS Double Rewards on Gift Cards for the gas promo they are having. I'm good about using gift cards, so I'm not worried that I'll lose them. So I went back to Vons and got:
(1) $25 Target gift card
(1) $25 Toys R Us gift card
(1) $50 Chevron gift card
Since I purchased $100 in gift cards, I earned DOUBLE reward points towards the gas promo.

I thought it was a bummer that the Target gift card has a 24-hour activation period. I was going to run over to Target to buy something, but I couldn't. The Chevron & Toys R Us gift cards had immediate activation. So, we headed over to Toys R Us to find a gift for my niece. Amazingly, the game I wanted to get her (Guess Who??) was 50% off!! Score!! So I only used $9+ of the gift card. I still have $15+ left, and with Devin's birthday and Christmas right around the corner, I know the rest will get used VERY soon!! Then on the way home, we stopped for gas at Chevron and filled up. $30+, so I still have $19+ left for the next fill up. At least I'm earning some sort of reward for buying these things that I need!! I'm saving the Target card for Black Friday!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

P.S. We have 2 coupon inserts this weekend!! I'm a little behind in clipping, so I hope to find time to catch-up!!


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