Friday, November 14, 2008

Vons 48 Hour Sale

Don't forget about the Vons 48 Hour Sale!!

Two items worth mentioning:

97¢ Progresso Soup - If you have the $1.10 IPQ's from late last month, that'll make them free! You can try and print them here in IE: Progresso IPQ

$1.88 Nabisco Crackers
- Not the best price, but with the Wheat Thins 75¢ IPQ, it'll take $1 off, and you'll get a box of crackers for .88!! Not too shabby, considering the price of crackers these days!! I hope you printed this IPQ when I sent out the link earlier this week, because it looks like they reached their max prints. But if you don't, print a $1 off 2 from this site!!

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