Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hallmark Cards & Coke Deal at Vons

Thank You Mommy Making Money for spelling this out for us!!

This is a great deal! Here's how easy it is:

1) Walk into Vons and head to the greeting card aisle. You should find a coupon hanging up for "Free Coca-Cola 8pk or a Dasani Water 12pk Fridge Pack with each 3-card purchase."

2) Pick out three .99 Expressions by Hallmark cards. Not all stores carry the .99 cards.

3) Look for the bin of adorable holiday puppies, FREE with any 3-card purchase. I picked this one; there's also a cute little guy with green reindeer antlers that I'll get next time.

4) Pay $2.97 for the three cards, plus CRV. The price of the soda comes off at the register with the coupon you give them, but I had to have the cashier manually take the doggy off. There should be a tag hanging on the dog that says "Buy 3 Hallmark Cards Get Me Free"... so you can show the cashier that he's supposed to be FREE!!

5) Rinse and repeat. The coupon doesn't expire until December 2nd, so pick up a few extra while you're there, so you can do this again.

Note--if you plan to stuff stockings with these cute little puppies, any Toys for Tots bin would be happy to take them!

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