Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shopping with Target Coupons

What do you think is going on above??  Well... Target coupon matching of course!!  Did you know you can combine a manufacturer's coupon with a Target Coupon and use BOTH when buying ONE item at Target?!  Yes, you can!!  It's in the Target Coupon Policy.  ( "We'll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.")  That's why you need to make sure you carry a copy of the store policy with you when you shop this way, because not all of the cashiers understand this coupon policy and you may need to ask to speak to the manager... or just whip out your coupon policy!!  No need to be rude about it... they are still learning.

Where to find Target Coupons:
Besides clicking on the link on the left-side of this blog, you can find the Target coupons by going to the website and scrolling ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom, you will find the word COUPONS in small print.. click on it & it will take you to the Printable Coupon page.  NOT ALL of the coupons are Target coupons.  They mix manufacturer's coupons in with the Target coupons and sometimes it's hard to tell which are Target coupons & which are manufacturer's coupons.  A dead give away is if there is RED writing under the coupon and it mentions a Target online code, then it will print out as a Target coupon... but another thing I like about these coupons is... the manufacturer's coupons rarely say DO NOT DOUBLE on them... which means when I use these manufacturer's coupons at Vons or Ralphs, they will double!!  Because many times, the General Mills & Betty Crocker product coupons that you print directly from the General Mills & Betty Crocker website says DO NOT DOUBLE on them... which can be bad for us when we get a stickler cashier who see's that when they are scanning the coupons at checkout!!  You can print two of each coupon from the website.  I recommend printing the ones you can use or the REALLY good ones as soon as you see them, because sometimes they disappear and won't be there when you go back.  Many coupons have a set print limit and when the limit is hit "POOF", they are gone.

All of the Target Coupons say "Limit one per transaction".  So if you wanted to use 2 of the same Target coupons, you would need to have them rung up separately.

As a matter of fact, you can match a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon this at most stores around here (Vons, Ralphs, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid).  
  • Vons: In-ad coupon or home-mailer Vons coupon with a manufacturer's coupon
  • Ralphs: In-ad coupon or home-mailer Ralphs coupon with a manufacturer's coupon
  • CVS: Store coupons printed from the "Red Magic Coupon Machine" with a MQ
  • Rite-Aid: In-ad coupon and/or online Video Values coupon with a manufacturer's coupon

Let's go through some examples below:

(Above) - You can see a Target Web Coupon for 20% off select Fisher Price infant toys.  It's important to read the fine print on the Target coupon to make sure you are buying the correct item.  There happened to be some printable Manufacturer's Coupons for the same exact toys..and at certain Target stores, some of these toys were on sale or on clearance!!  Wowza!! 

Using the Target coupon & the Race Car coupon:
I found one of these Little Zoomers Shake & Crawl Racers on clearance for $15.99 (Reg. $24.99)
Hand them the Target coupon first and it'll take $3.20 off, then hand them the Manufacturer's Coupon to save another $5 off!!  That makes the cost $7.79 for a $24.99 toy!!!  What a great gift.  Buy & save for a future gift!

(Above) - I have matched a Target Coupon to save $1 off a U-Kotex product with a Manufacturer's Coupon to save $1 off the same product.  You can combine BOTH of these items to save $2 off one item.  If you save these and wait for a sale, then you may get the product free... well, that's the idea.  Unless you need the product NOW, wait to see if it goes on sale.  Make sure to watch expiration dates!!

(Above) - With the above example, you can see that buy combining this Target Coupon (TQ) with the Manufacturer's Coupon (MQ), that you would save $3.50 off one tube of Colgate ProClinical toothpaste.  The above TQ was one that came out of the Sunday coupon inserts.

(Above) - By combining the $2 Internet Printable Coupon (IPQ) and the $2 TQ above, you can save a total of $4 off one Revlon Beauty Tool.  I get free clippers & nail files all the time by doing this.  Usually Revlon products go on sale every month, so you can find a great deal or a freebie.  Always think "stocking stuffer" for these types of items.

(Above) - By combining the $2 TQ with the $1 MQ, you would save $3 off one package of disposable Schick Quattro for Women razors!!

(Above) - By combining the $1 TQ with the $1 IPQ, you can save $2 off one Neutrogena Naturals product.  The lip balms sell for $2.99, so you would pay $0.99!!

(Above) - When new medications hit the market, always look for high-value coupons and other sales & offers where you can get those new medications free!!  Love those deals!!  Always watch the wording on the coupons... the best ones are the ones that say "Save $xx off ANY size", because usually by purchasing the smaller package you can get a better deal.  In the case of the above coupons, by combining this $5 MQ with the $1 TQ, you would save $6 off one Allegra Children's Allergy product... GREAT DEAL!!

(Above) - Notice that the $5 IPQ mentions 24 ct. or larger while the $2 TQ mentions 10 ct. or larger.  Because the IPQ has a higher count, you need to buy the larger count product in order to be able to use both of these coupons towards the one product... but you would still be saving $7 off this item.  Great savings if this is a product you need!!

(Above) - I find Halls cough drops on sale for $1 all the time!!  By combining the .50 cent TQ with the .50 cent MQ, you would save $1 off one package of Halls cough drops 25 ct. or larger.  Can you say FREE?


  1. Thanks, I didn't realize Target had coupons on their website. They are really good ones. I really appreciate you giving these tips. I am new to this and really looking to maximize my savings. :)

  2. You are very welcome! There's so much to learn about coupons! Ask questions anytime!


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