Friday, April 22, 2011

Gas Prices - Ventura County

With gas prices going through the roof, we need to cut corners everywhere we can.  I've been checking this site here: or to find the lowest prices closest to me.

The past 2 weeks, I've ended up at Fleet Enterprises, located on Fleet St., behind the "old" Target on Main St. in Ventura.  It's a small independent station, that mainly serves big trucks, but cars can buy from there too.  Thankfully, it's in mid-town and not far from my work.  The last 2 times I filled up, it's was $4.11/gallon.  Considering the gas station closest to my house is at $4.35/gallon, I'm happy with $4.11!!  They only sell 87 Octane & Diesel ($4.35/gallon today).

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