Saturday, April 23, 2011

Do You Have a Recyclebank Account Yet?


Recycle Bank has partnered with companies to reward its members with high value coupons and other discounts.  The point of the website is to become more eco-friendly.  In the process you will Earn Points that you can redeem for great rewards including high value coupons.

Right now, you can start a new Recycle Bank account with 215 points easily.  
  • Sign up for a new Recycle Bank account and then click on Earn Points.
  • Once there, complete the following activities to rack up 215 free points:
  • Complete the Partners in Purpose Learning activity for 25 points.
  • Take the Future Friendly Neighbors Pledge on Facebook.  There are 2 available and each worth 10 points, for 20 points total.
  • Take the Aveeno Active Naturals Pledge on Facebook.  There are 3 available for 50 points total.
  • Complete the green Your Home Challenge.  Explore the different areas of the home for a total of 120 points.
From time to time you will see me mention Recyclebank.  So far I have received coupons such as: Save $5 off $30 at CVS, Save $2 off Naked Juice, Save $1 off Honest Iced Tea and more.

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