Friday, April 22, 2011

A Friday on the Town

My son wasn't in school today & I took the day off work.  After relaxing all morning, it was time for his doctor appt, so we finally made it out on the town.  I also wanted to go see if The Disney Store had any of the reusable shopping bags left.  All you had to do was bring in 5 plastic shopping bags and you'd get a free reusable shopping bag!  Cool!  Since I wanted to go back out to CVS & a second trip to Target, we made it a day.

Lunch at Carls Jr. for $3.00 with the 2 Famous Star burgers for $3 Q

CVS - Saved $40.50, Spent $0.69 + tax, Earned $1.00 ECB (Extra Care Buck)
I got:
  • 6 Reach Toothbrushes (I finally found a local CVS that carried the singles!!) - On sale for $1, had coupons to cover $5.50 of the $6
  • 1 Aquafresh Kids Toothbrush - On sale for $1, used $1 4/17 MQ
  • 1 Reach Dental Floss - On sale for $1, used $1 IPQ
  • 4 Snickers Eggs - On sale for .50 ea., used (2) $1/2 IPQ's
  • Revlon Toe Clippers - $4.19, used a $2 IPQ & $2 CVS Q from the red "Magic Coupon Machine"
After the sale prices & using coupons, my total was $0.69+tax.  I earned $1 ECB for using my reusable bag CVS Green Tag.  I always use the same shopping bag when I shop at CVS, and I make sure they scan my Green Tag.  After every 4 scans, I earn $1 ECB. You can see the tag on my green CVS shopping bag in the photo.

Then we went to The Disney Store to see if they had any reusable bags left - THEY DID!!  Yippee!!
So we got our free bag.  Value $2.50.  Isn't it cute??

Then for our final trip to Target for some duplicates of my purchases last night.  Target printable coupons state "Limit One Per Transaction".. so sometimes I make multiple trips.  But since I'm organized from Trip #1, going back again is usually not a problem.  I even got the same cashier - super coupon friendly!!  I think his name is Josh.
Target - Saved $13.16, Spent $0.88 + tax
I got:
  • (3) Scotch Tape - $1.29, used (3) $1 IPQ's (We can never have enough tape here!!)
  • (1) Degree Men's deodorant - $2.04, used $1 MQ & $1 TQ
  • (1) Allegra Allergy Medicine 5ct. - $6.78, used $5 MQ & $2 TQ
  • (1) Orbit Gum - .99, used .75 TQ (For my son's good behavior.. I can handle .24 gum!)
  • I also earned .05 credit for using my own reusable shopping bag (The new Disney one!)  LOL
So, after our running around, we got $62+ in products (including lunch) and only spent $4.57+tax, plus I have $1 ECB to use at CVS on my next visit!!

That was... until we got to the gas station....

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