Monday, June 6, 2011

Write To Your Favorite Companies

We use a lot of small toddler sized juice boxes to treat my son's low blood sugar (he has Type 1 diabetes).  I can never have too many coupons for Nestle Juicy Juice & Hansen's Junior Juice.  I decided to email a short note to each of the companies to see if I could get any coupons.  Nestle, who makes Juicy Juice, sent me (2) $1 off ANY Juicy Juice product coupons and Hansen's sent me (2) FREE product coupons good on a 4-pack of Junior Juice and (2) more Save $1 off a 4-pack... which I find on sale for $1 all the time!  Awesome coupons for just emailing the companies.

If you have a favorite product, try emailing the companies telling them why.  Be sure to include your email & mailing address.  I hope some of you get responses & coupons too!!

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