Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6 Stores in 1 Day - $318.89 for $37.42 - 88% Savings!!

So I finally finished posting all the deals I got when I went shopping to 6 stores on Sunday (6/12)... after adding up all of the totals, I got $318.89 worth of products for $37.42!!  I saved $281.47 or 88%!!  Yay me!!

I probably spent around $5 in gas, because I start at one store & drive in a big circle, leaving the store that has the frozen items I need for last.  LOL  I didn't drive home in between any of these stops... and I had a 99¢ crunch wrap from Taco Bell for lunch (yes, that's all I ordered since I leave water bottles in the car to drink)... and a $1.19 cheeseburger & free frozen strawberry lemonade from McD's for dinner... cuz that's how I roll...  =)  Can you tell I was able to shop "kid-free"??

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