Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sorry So Slow... Be Sure To Find Us on Facebook!

Sorry posts have been slow... I'm back at work after my surgeries and time off... and have so much to do.  Lately, you'll find me adding more quick posts over on the Savings Chatter Facebook page more than here.  So make sure to "Like" the Savings Chatter Facebook page so you don't miss any posts!!  Also, feel free to share on the Facebook page your deals and any great freebies & cheapies you come across!!

We reached our 300th fan today (Yay!!), so I'll be randomly drawing a winner today... then we'll start another giveaway soon!!



  1. I sure hope you have been getting some rest after surgery. It's so important! Thanks for all that you post!

  2. Thank you... I'm trying my best!! =)


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