Sunday, June 5, 2011

Possible FREE Seattle’s Best Single Can Coupon in SS

Did you scope out your coupons yet??  We are supposed to be receiving a coupon for a free single can of Seattle's Best coffee drink in today's Smartsource!!  I hope you got yours!!  (Remember coupons are regional, so not all newspapers get these)


  1. I live in the Tampa Bay area (unfortunately) and deals here are...well...once a year sounds right...maybe two years... Anyways, lol, I got the coupon and just can't find the can singles-I tried Wal-mart, Publix, and Target-nothing. Where are we supposed to find them-and if they're at a CVS or Wal-greens, can you walk in with this free coupon offer and they'll take it?

  2. Yes, both CVS & Walgreens should take this coupon. I find them at my stores near the other "energy" drinks.. or the jarred Frappachinos. Good luck!!


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