Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Albertson's Trip

I made it over to Albertson's Thursday night for the 8 Hour Sale... yippee, they still had stuff left for me!! =)

I managed to get all of the above for $14.44 after the sale prices & coupons - Saved $27.51!! The cereal was 50¢ each after the $1 Q's came off... and the Ronzoni is on sale for $1.25 this week (not only the 8 Hour Sale), and I found one lonely Q, so I got that for 25¢. The canned chicken was 60¢ each after the 40¢ Q's came off.

The kicker? I got home from Albies and thought "Ohhhh, I should have rented some RedBox movies. I have coupons to cut tomorrow". I like to cut my coupons while I'm watching movies. So I checked out to see if there were any promo codes, and I wrote down all the green ones, hoping one of the would work!! So I headed back to Albies to rent a movie or two, and as I was walking up, I see a Catalina Q laying on the ground. Of course I picked it up. Guess what? It was a $5 OYNO Cat!! Whoo Hoo!! Who let that $5 slip away?! So after that $5 Cat, basically my net for Albies was $9.44!! LOL - Even better!! Not only that, but one of those codes worked, and I got 2 movie rentals for free too!! (Use the code once per credit card - I have 2 credit cards)... Do you know how hard it is to cut coupons while you are crying? LOL I was watching "Christmas Shoes" with Rob Lowe and it was a tear-jerker... I hope I didn't cut off any barcodes!!

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