Monday, December 8, 2008

Fruits & Passion - My $35 in Free Product

I received my BzzAgent kit a couple weeks ago. Included I got a beautiful kitchen hand soap pump from the Cucina line of Fruits & Passion. Wowza, this thing sells for like $18!! For kitchen hand soap?! Well, it is pretty!! =) Also included in the BzzAgent kit was a $25 gift card for me to use and (5) $10 gift cards for me to share!! The only store we have in California is at the Thousand Oaks mall, so I finally went there yesterday to see what I could find. All the products are gorgeous & smell delicious. They use natural ingredients & pure aromas. Since the items are pricey, I settled on a pineapple exfoliating cream ($12), a peach glycerin bar ($5), and a bath foam in a cool glass bottle ($8.50)!! They totaled $25.50, so it was only 50¢ before tax. I had my husband get a tube of rose hand butter. The 1.7 oz. tube was $10, so he used one of the $10 gift cards and paid 71¢ for tax. I can't imagine paying $10 for 1.7 oz. of lotion, but it does smell lovely and may hands are still smooth. Perfect for my desk at work!! I still have 2 or 3 more of these $10 off Gift Cards. If you live near a Fruits & Passion store (Las Vegas, Miami, Natick MA, Thousand Oaks CA or Scottsdale AZ), and can use it before 12/24, leave me a comment and I'll mail you out one of these gift cards. Also, if you aren't a BzzAgent yet and are interested, leave your email and I'll send you a referral. I still have some MyPoints referrals to pass out for December too, if you want one of those too!!

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