Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

I'm still here!! Just super super busy with Christmas & work (I work for a CPA and we're working on year-end projections, not to mention he bought another practice, so we're in the middle of merging during this busy time of year... anyone have a noose?!) I'll be back with more deals soon!!

I did manage to get in on the 12/21 CVS deals and was able to roll $160+ on ECB's!! Yippee!! I can relax a bit now. I was able to add to them too. I have approx. $40 more in ECB's than I had 4 weeks ago =) Love that!! I'm not sure how since I got that camera at the Black Friday sales, and I've been getting milk, and I even treated myself and got a foot soak tub too!! Love it when I get stuff for free and still come out ahead!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


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