Sunday, January 11, 2009

CVS & Kmart Question

I went to CVS today....

The Ventura one has their Christmas stuff 90% off.  It's gonna go quick!!
I got $142 worth of $14.22 in ECB's!!  =)  Yay!
Stuffed toys, gift bags, bows, santa hats (.29), Hallmark ornament, Christmas cards,
gift tags, tape, some decorations, etc.

Also, scan the Ocean Spray cranberries (canned)... they are ringing up .17 each!!

I got all the above Christmas stuff, 2 gallons of milk & a dozen eggs and only used $18 of my ECB's and .77 on a gift card.  I've got plenty for next Christmas!  Yay!!

Kmart - Has anyone confirmed that our local Kmarts are double $2 coupons?  Or even $1 coupons??


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  1. In Orange County found a LOT of food items that scanned at 90% off :)

    Hilshire Farms Sausage
    Jello (small boxes orange & lime)
    Stove Top Stuffing (chicken and turkey)
    Libby's Pumpkin
    McCormick's canned fruit pie filling
    Keebler pie crusts
    Canned Sweetened Yams (don't remember the brand, I didn't get them)


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